activities at Kediri

Bicycle We provide you Bike for Rent, it might be usefull to explore.
Lamian At Car Free Day Available at Car Free Day at Jl. Dhoho, just opposite the hotel every Sunday.
Simpang Lima Gumul Built in 2003, Monument Simpang Lima Gumul is a famous monument in Kediri located at the road junction in Desa Tugurejo, Kecamatan Gampengrejo.
Waterfall at Besuki Beautiful waterfall in Besuki, Desa Jugo. Located at 25km away from the city Kediri, this natural waterfall is not one to miss.
Water Dam: Gerak Waru Turi This 159m wide dam became a popular destination for many visitors traveling to Kota Kediri. A great place for gatherings and picnics.
Candi Surowono Situated at Desa Canggu (Pare City), Candi Surowono is a great heritage from Majapahit era that showcases the rich history of King Wengker. Come and delve into a piece of history that has been passed down from our ancestors.
Candi Tegowangi Temple Tegowangi is a funerary of King Bhre Matahun built in 1388. Located in Tegowangi Plemahan (Kediri), the temple is decorated with beautiful carvings which narrates the story of Wayang Purwo.
Maria Lourdes Cave Also known as "Puhsarang", is a cave that is situated at Southeast Asia's oldest Catholic Church in Pohsarang.
Gunung Kelud Gunung Kelud is an active volcanic mountain situated at 27km away from Kota Kediri. With charming sceneries and fresh air, this is a great place for sightseeing, camping and many other adventures.
Cave Selomangleng Selomangleng Cave used to be used by Dewi Kilisuci as a hermitage. Dewi Kilisuci is the crown prince of the King Erlangga who refuses to accept the throne of the kingdom and prefer to distance herself from the life of the world by doing meditation in Selomangleng Cave.
Jaranan The horse dance is a traditional cultural event of East Java. It is usually performed for important guests, opening ceremonies, family parties and during the month of "Suro".
Nasi Pecel of Jalan Dhoho Pecel Tumpang is one of the typical culinary icon Kediri. NASI PECEL is rice served with mix steamed vegetables with peanut sauce and soybean sauce served with various side dishes such as crackers, fried tofu & fried soybean and other side dishes. Only by walking to the front of Grand Surya Hotel along Dhoho road after sunset you can find dozens of sellers NASI PECEL TUMPANG. For those of you who do not like soybean sauce you can request rice with peanut sauce only.