activities at hotel and surroundings

Hotel Farm Our hotel has a 1,000 m2 farm area, where 1,000 strawberry pots are planted. Other plantations include Mulberry, Lemon, Durian, Longan, Rambutan, Mangga also rabbit cage, marmot race, and Fish pond. The main purpose of the farm is for kid’s to learn and experience nature. The strawberry harvest season from late July up to early November, and kids can freely* pick the fruits (*terms and conditions apply)
Kids Activities Have a great fun with our Kids Activities to teach the kids more active and sportive with some games are providing by our sport & recreation team in hotel areas.
Art & Craft Have a great fun with our Art & Craft activities with our wonderful team in hotel areas.
SAUNA When you need time for yourself, you deserve a good sauna. We splitted ladies and gents sauna room for your comfort.
Outbound & Team Building A great activity to bond with friends and family. We will arrange the activities which are suitable to your liking in our hotel compound.
Rafting OBECH Rafting in Pacet–Mojokerto is about 45 minutes drive from hotel. You will raft through Kromong River, and the shortest trip is about 5 km. A great way to experience the beautiful sceneries along the river.
Pool Fun & Games Have great fun with our upbeat, fun and friendly hotel staff at the pool area. We arrange various activities every month, including ball games and water games.
Traditional Fruit Market Tretes, Prigen is famous for quality local fruits, especially Banana and Durians. The traditional fruit market is located just across the Hotel.
Crafty Corner Choice of activities for children during their stay. Teach them to recycle materials around them into usefull items.